I had a great experience with NuWELL counseling.
Waneko was just the right person for me. She was very understanding, caring and knew how to make me feel better with each session I had with her. She uses Biblical wisdom as well as Psychological education for counselling. I was so stressed and confused when I started sessions with her and NuWELL. But now Thank God I am relaxed and focused to lead a happy and goal oriented life.

Shin John

The people were so kind and helpful. Changing schedule so they’re flexibility to something that I really appreciated.

Gemma W.

My experience was always so pleasant. Everyone was welcoming and friendly (they have a therapy dog that walks the hallways sometimes. So gentle and sweet!). My counselor has done an incredible job pushing me and hearing me and helping me grow.

Kate Williams

The intake process was pretty straightforward. I am particularly pleased with my therapist. She is knowledgeable and empathetic. My experience has been very positive.

Shelly Bynum

I’m pleased to be going to NuWell. I’m able to share my thoughts and how I feel and I’m not scared at all to express myself

Shaun Che Tormis

I have received incredible support from NuWell for several years now. NuWell does a wonderful job of caring for people individually. I meet with my counselor online. At first I was concerned how it would feel compared to counseling in person but the care I have received has been excellent. They also have in-person services as well where I’m confident you’d receive the same incredible service and care.

Nick Lenzi

I absolutely adore my therapist. She is the perfect balance of affirming and giving it to you real. I’m grateful and my life has significantly improved having her in my life.

Tiffany TV