Encouraging Healthy Responsibility

You’re Not Alone

Addiction is a major obstacle in living our best life for ourselves and God, but you are not alone in this battle. NuWell can help you learn to seek out healthy recovery and coping methods, as well as a relationship with God. Through His grace and professional Christian counseling, you can be on the path to healing.

Counseling Through Faith

NuWell provides faith-based online counseling to those struggling with addiction. Through fully-licensed Christian counselors specializing in addiction, you no longer have to carry your burden alone. Our counselors use the science of therapy and the faith in the Bible to provide you with biblical solutions.

Get Your Life Back

Through faith-based counseling methods, NuWell promotes self-responsibility and a relationship with God to combat addiction and get you back to a healthy lifestyle. NuWell Christian Counseling is here to provide a discreet and professional addiction counseling service to help you lead a better life.

Addiction is Powerful. So are You.

Drugs, sex, and more; addiction is different for everyone, and it can ruin our lives and relationships. NuWell Online can help you on the path to self-empowerment and healing using faith-based addiction counseling methods so that you can lead a healthier life. Our Christian counselors can help you renew your faith in yourself on your healing journey.

Believing in Christ & Yourself

Through Christ, all things are possible-even beating addiction. NuWell Christian counselors can help you find the strength in yourself and in Christ through the use of scripture and therapy intertwined. Through personal responsibility and faith in God, we can create and maintain a healthy lifestyle free of the clutches of addiction.

Addiction Can be Beaten

Walk in Faith, Not Darkness

NuWell Christian Counseling provides discreet and professional faith-based counseling services for addiction for you or a loved one. You are powerful and through faith in yourself and Christ, addiction can be beaten. NuWell is here to help.

Your Path to a New Life

Take off the Mask

Heal the Wounds

Remove the Toxins

Replace with Truth