Characteristics of a
Christian Counselor

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Characteristics of a Christian Counselor

If you’re looking for a Christian counselor, it’s important to understand what sets them apart from other counselors. Christian counselors integrate their faith and spirituality into their practice, which can provide a unique perspective and approach to counseling. Here are some key characteristics to look for in a Christian counselor:

First and foremost, a Christian counselor is someone who has a strong faith in God and is committed to living out their faith in their personal and professional life. They view their work as a ministry and seek to help their clients grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

A Christian counselor is also someone who has received specialized training in counseling, psychology, or a related field, and is licensed or certified to practice in their state. They have a strong foundation in counseling techniques and principles, and use this expertise to help their clients overcome emotional and mental challenges.

In addition to their education and training, a Christian counselor has a deep understanding of the Bible and incorporates biblical principles and values into their practice. They view the Bible as a source of guidance and wisdom and use its teachings to help their clients understand and address their problems. They may also use prayer, meditation, or other spiritual practices as part of the counseling process.

A Christian counselor is also someone who values the importance of relationships and community. They believe that we are designed to live in relationship with others and that healthy relationships are essential to our well-being. They work with their clients to develop and strengthen their relationships with God and others, and may also offer support groups or workshops to help clients connect with others who share their values and beliefs.

Finally, a Christian counselor is someone who is committed to ethical and professional standards in their practice. They maintain confidentiality, respect their clients’ autonomy, and avoid imposing their personal beliefs on their clients. They also continue to receive training and education to stay up to date on the latest counseling techniques and best practices.

In conclusion, Christian counselors are unique in their integration of faith and spirituality into their practice. They are committed to helping their clients grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, and use their training and expertise to provide quality counseling services. Look for a Christian counselor who has a strong faith, specialized training in counseling, incorporates biblical principles and values into their practice, values relationships and community, and is committed to ethical and professional standards. By finding the right Christian counselor, you can receive the guidance and support you need to thrive.

No matter your struggle there’s always someone here for you.

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Coaching looks at your present functioning along with your future potential in order to help you unlock your giftings, passions, and talents so that you can succeed in being all that God has called you to be. It helps you move beyond your current limitations to set and accomplish God-sized goals for your life.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression distort how we feel, think, and handle mundane activities such as sleep, nutrition, and work for extended periods of time. Both are among the most effectively treated mental disorders with routine therapy being one of the most effective treatment options.

Family Conflict

Family conflict is inevitable. Dysfunctional families are the rule, not the exception. A functional family is best described as one that handles their dysfunction with love and grace. Every family experiences conflict. It’s still a challenge to navigate though. Oftentimes an outside perspective creates clarity for the family to find resolution.

Emotional Dysfunction

Experiencing abuse or trauma can create toxic beliefs about ourselves that result in feelings of anger, rejection, worthlessness, low self-esteem, shame, emotional shutdown, and self-hatred. Internalizing these poisonous lies leads to emotional dysphoria and dysfunction where we oftentimes create false identities for ourselves.

Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse is rampant. This kind of abuse must be handled with special care because of how it impacts our identity while creating an unnecessary barrier between us and God. The help of a skillful and trusted guide is essential in healing spiritual wounds and restoring a proper understanding of God, ourselves, and others.

Grief & Trauma

Grief and trauma can develop deep roots in our identity if left unresolved. Whether it’s childhood trauma, loss of a loved one, sexual trauma, or any other form, it needs resolution. Treatment for trauma and grief involves a counseling professional using evidence-based clinical treatments as well as Biblical and pastoral approaches.

Marriage & Relationships

Marriages and relationships are hard work. There are seasons when communication with our significant others feels impossible. Sometimes deeply rooted or toxic problems arise threatening to destroy a relationship we’ve spent years cultivating. Trained marriage counselors give you the safe space and tools you need to overcome these obstacles.

Spiritual Warfare

There is a real spiritual enemy seeking to wreak havoc and destruction in our lives. We suffer under the enemy far more than we need to because we willingly walk in sin or believe the enemy’s lies. A spiritual counselor equips you to recognize the enemy’s attacks while helping you develop a successful counter-attack.


Addictions affect people and their loved ones in many different ways. Not only are there substance addictions, such as alcohol and drugs, but there are also behavioral addictions like sex, pornography, food, video games, social media. Professional counselors guide those suffering from addiction and their loved ones from despair to freedom.

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How can we be so confident that you can have victory over whatever you may be struggling with right now when you reach out to NuWell? Because of our people. The biggest indicator to a successful outcome for a counseling or therapy relationship is the quality of the connection between the counselor and the client. This is why we look for exceptional people from diverse backgrounds and professional licenses who are passionate about both our principles and giving you excellent, crafted care. Our diversity makes it easy for you to find a counselor with whom you connect. Our common principles assure you of the direction of care you can expect. Our passionate and professional team is why we are so confident for your success.

5 Characteristics of a Christian Counselor

If you’re seeking the services of a Christian counselor, it’s important to consider the characteristics that make a great Christian counselor. Here are five characteristics to look for in a Christian counselor:

Empathy: Empathy is an essential virtue for any counselor, but it is especially important for a Christian counselor. A Christian counselor with empathy can truly understand what you’re going through and provide a safe and supportive environment for you to share your thoughts and feelings. They will listen without judgment and will make an effort to understand your unique situation.

Spirituality: One of the key attributes of a Christian counselor is their spirituality. They will be able to integrate Christian beliefs and values into their counseling approach, which can be beneficial if you’re looking for a faith-based approach to counseling. They can help you to explore your spirituality and use it to overcome your struggles.

Knowledge: A Christian counselor with a wealth of knowledge is a great asset in your journey towards healing. They should have a deep understanding of both Christian principles and psychological concepts, and be able to blend these two areas of expertise to provide the best possible support for you.

Patience: Patience is an essential characteristics for a Christian counselor. They will understand that healing is a process that takes time, and will be willing to be patient with you as you work through your challenges. They will provide you with guidance and support throughout the journey, but will not pressure you to move forward faster than you’re comfortable with.

Honesty: Honesty is another essential characteristic for any counselor. A Christian counselor with honesty and integrity will always be upfront and transparent with you. They will be truthful about their credentials and qualifications, and will never claim to have more expertise than they actually possess. They will also be honest with you about your progress and what you need to do to continue moving forward.

In conclusion, finding the right Christian counselor can be a great asset in your journey towards healing. By seeking out a counselor who possesses empathy, spirituality, knowledge, patience, and honesty, you can be confident that you’re working with someone who will provide you with the guidance and support you need. By working together with a Christian counselor who embodies these virtues, you can take steps towards overcoming your challenges and living a more fulfilling life.


When counseling or therapy isn’t the right fit for your goals, then coaching may be what you need. Your goals may be related to marriage, family, health, career, spirituality, or emotional well-being, and our coaches are equipped to help you surpass them.

When you need extra insight, accountability, and a game plan to accomplish your God-sized goals, our coaches are ready.

Pastoral Counselors

Our pastoral counselors have diverse theological backgrounds but are united under Biblical Christianity. Pastoral counselors specialize with people who have spiritual questions, have suffered from spiritual abuse, or are engaged in spiritual warfare.

When you need guidance focused on your spiritual self, then one of our credentialed pastoral counselors will be a great fit.

Christian Counselors

Are you being affected by trauma, disorders, addiction, or abuse? If so, you’ll want to pair up with one of our licensed counselors. Using evidence-based clinical practices that are framed Biblically, our Christian counselors give care you can trust.

When you need counseling focused on psychological care, then one of our Christian counselors can help you navigate to victory.

The Sage (Think Christian Yoda)

Sometimes it’s nice to process ideas and information that you’ve been working through with someone you trust in a safe space. Our sages are expert listeners adept at asking you the right questions for progress. Mature and seasoned ears you can trust.

When you’ve hit a road block in your processing and could use a seasoned and wise outside perspective, our sages are for you.