Spiritual Abuse

When Faith is Used Against Us

Know the Signs

Spiritual abuse is defined as coercive and controlling behavior toward other individuals in a religious context and is a form of emotional and psychological abuse. NuWell Christian Counseling understands the reality of spiritual abuse and can help you recognize the signs and the many forms spiritual abuse can take by utilizing biblically-based counseling methods.

Ask for Help

Asking for help in dealing with the realities of spiritual abuse can be overwhelming and frightening. NuWell Christian Counseling is here to carry this burden with you. Spiritual abuse can make Christians question their entire worldview, and damage our faith in God and ourselves. NuWell is equipped to help Christians overcome spiritual abuse.

Start to Heal

Through Christian counseling at NuWell, Christians can begin to heal from their scars of spiritual abuse. When your faith is turned against you, it can impact your entire life. NuWell can help Christians recover their faith in God and themselves so that they can begin to live peacefully in the loving embrace of Jesus again.

Spiritual Abuse Changes Us

Spiritual abuse can be committed by church leaders to the congregation, the congregation to the leader, or even among the congregation themselves. It can result in lost friendships, destroyed marriages, lack of fellowship, and more. NuWell can help you regain your life and your faith through confidential and faith-based therapy.

You Are Not Alone

You do not have to battle spiritual abuse alone, NuWell is here to help. Your story is valid, and these bad chapters in it can be rewritten through the love and safety of Jesus. NuWell Christian counselors are fully licensed and ready to help you in your walk with God.

Spiritual Abuse is Real

Christ Calls Us to a Healthy Relationship with the Church

NuWell Christian Counseling is here to help Christians navigate the struggles of spiritual abuse so that they can renew their faith in themselves and in God with confidential, scripture-based counseling services.

Your Path to Spiritual Healing

Take off the Mask

Heal the Wounds

Remove the Toxins

Replace with Truth