The Christmas season is a time of celebration. For some, it’s the celebration of family and presents. For Christians, the Christmas season is about the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s be clear; it’s not that Christians can’t celebrate presents and family and such, but we live in a fallen world; it’s easy to get lost in modern consumerism and the bustle of the holiday season. We are constantly tempted to be distracted from our faith, and our Enemy is relentless. How can Christians find their faith this Christmas season?


We can start by remembering who Jesus is. Take time and reflect upon how Jesus saved us from the consequences of our sins and how He personally saved you. Who is Jesus? He’s our savior, and He’s our friend. He’s our port in the storm. Faith can move mountains, and we must hold that dearly throughout the Christmas season. When our stresses over family and life overcome us, Christmastime is our moment to remember that our faith will carry us through, just as faith carried the Apostle Paul and his companions through their journey to Macedonia through countless trials.


The Christmas season is also a time for thanksgiving. As the year closes and a new one begins, we can give thanks for the blessings God has provided for us. How can we do that? Start by spending time in prayer. Take a few moments to thank God for the blessings you’ve received. You can do this while doing the dishes or between cups of hot chocolate. What matters is that we take the time out of our day to be humble before God, thereby renewing ourselves in mind and spirit.


Let’s not forget the church! God instructs us to join together in fellowship and worship because it’s not only good for our spirits but our minds too! Church provides us with a place to restore ourselves spiritually and mentally. Church also gives us a place to learn about the deeper implications of the Christmas season, and by being in an organized group of fellow Christians, we can learn to find and grow in our faith this Christmas season. Our mental health will also benefit as we celebrate our Lord Jesus with our family and friends! Humans are social creatures by nature, hence why God has commanded us to join together in fellowship for the renewal of our hearts and minds. If you’re going through a crisis of faith this holiday season, your church can help you overcome it.


Even with all the resources Christians have to find and grow in their faith this Christmas season, it is still a difficult time of year for many of us. That’s why NuWell Online Counseling can help Christians everywhere in their crisis of faith this Christmas season. Our Christian counselors provide biblical counseling that is faithful and true, and Christians can trust that whether they’re facing a battle of spiritual warfare or just some holiday blues, NuWell Christian Counseling is here to help.