Online Christian Counseling has become almost commonplace in the modern era, at least throughout the developed world. As online Christian Counseling has become run-of-the-mill, the one-
hour-per-week therapy session has become standard along with it. Given the dominance of the one-hour weekly session, it is somewhat surprising that there is so little in the way of the actual scientific basis for this standard. Money is inevitably a factor, and in a country like the United States, where payment usually comes through insurance companies, it is important that services provided are easily billable. The vast majority of insurance companies will only cover therapy sessions lasting 30, 45, or 60 minutes; as a result, most counselors will limit their sessions to one of these times so that they do not run the risk of going unpaid for their services.

One of the most popular forms of payment in mental health practices is self-pay. When an individual pays for therapy through self-pay as opposed to utilizing insurance, both confidentiality and
treatment remain between you and your counselor. Treatment decisions, length of therapy sessions, confidentiality, and many other important decisions are always kept between you and your counselor. However, when utilizing health insurance to pay for therapy, you may be relinquishing confidentiality, treatment decisions, length of therapy, and other pertinent decisions to your insurance company.

However, by way of online counseling, the optimal length of individual therapy sessions is not the only mystery when it comes to the time that you and counselors allot for treatment. There are also many questions about how long the counselee can expect to be in therapy before achieving results. For many people, therapy becomes a process of months or even years, and some people seem willing to commit such time (and money) even when they have little to show for it. Despite this, most people remain in counseling for much longer—often well beyond the point at which they stopped making forward progress.

At NuWell Counseling Services, we help adults have better relationships with their spouses and their families, and most importantly, we encourage a better relationship with your best friend – yourself. We help clients create changes in self-care, nutrition, and activity and create positive results with an increased ability to manage emotions and mood.

We use a variety of techniques, including counseling with adults individually, to teach a person to be more aware of self, to increase skills, and to acquire necessary resources. Counseling is an
educational experience. Nuwell Counseling Services has a team of professional online Christian Counselors who will share their perspectives without anger, abusive speech, raised voices, or rage. We believe that the most powerful approach is delivered with few words, a mild tone, and thoughtfully expressed.

If you desire help and would like to start immediately, contact NuWell Counseling Services. Their online Christian Counselors will pray (talk with you) for one hour. We will not sleep on your concerns. We will support your needs and guide you towards a THRIVING future. Allow NuWell’s online Christian Counselors the opportunity of serving you! Let’s pray (talk) for just one-hour!