We’re faced with hundreds of decisions on a day-to-day basis. Many decisions we make are unconscious ones, but occasionally, we have a moment of the calm before the storm. It is in these moments that we can take a second to consider how to decide on something in a way that reflects the ways of God and our faith as Christians.

All of our decisions should be considered in the light of God. As the Bible is the ruler by which our lives are measured, it only makes sense that we seek guidance from it throughout our life. However, many choices we are faced with can become more clouded by emotions or other factors. So, how can Christians do their best to make decisions in a Godly way?

Pray: This one might seem obvious, but prayer is often the first thing that slips our minds when we’re faced with a tough choice. God knows what’s best for you, and the easiest way for Him to share that wisdom with you is to talk with Him through prayer. Ask God to reveal His plans for you and how you can best fulfill them. Ask Him for wisdom and understanding so that you may follow a path that leads to making your decision in the light of God.

Ensure Your Heart is in the Right Place: Wrangling your heart into a submissive state before God isn’t an easy thing to do, but it will help considerably in ensuring that you make decisions in a Godly way. Without doing so, our hearts will influence our thinking to look for signs or signals that will have us leaning on our own understanding instead of the understanding of God.

Don’t Let Your Feelings Decieve You: Making a decision based on impressions will lead to disaster. The more time spent with God, the more time we can spend understanding ourselves and our feelings that influence the choices we make. Making decisions that reflect our faith in God can be much harder when we let our heart disrupt our feelings and our feeling disrupt our choices.

Seek God’s Wisdom Through His Word: Read your Bible! Just like prayer, reading the Bible can be another way to spend time with God and bolster our decision making abilities through His wisdom. Through prayer and the Bible, the chances of understanding God’s will for us and the choices we make can become more clear. Keep in mind, God will NEVER have you make a decision that goes against His word or that would harm you in any way. Through God’s word, we can come to understand our hearts and minds with the wisdom of God.

Have Prayer Partners: It’s always great to have a second opinion, and your brothers and sisters in Christ can help join you in prayer! Being a Christian means being part of something bigger than yourself, and God wants us to take advantage of that! Have a prayer partner dive into prayer and scripture with you to make your big decisions informed by God’s wisdom and reflective of your faith.


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