We’re all different. We all have different personalities and perspectives of the world that lead us to communicate in different ways. We are also creatures of habit, and we all fall in line somewhere. Where might we fall in line when figuring out what type of communicator we are? How might those types of communication oppose one another?


  • Land the Plane vs. Enjoy the Ride

    If you’re a “land the plane” communicator, you’re concise. You want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, usually without a lot of detail. If you “enjoy the ride,” you love to know the intricacies of the situation. What plane are we riding in? Will there be movies? 

  • Feelings vs. Facts

    Feelings communicators not only want their feelings to be shared but yours too. They care about the heart of the situation, how one feels about a given topic and even the subtopics. Facts communicators want to know the specifics. They’re very concrete and simplistic. 

  • Thinking Out Loud vs. Taking Turns

    “Thinking out loud” communicators will approach the conversation like a brainstorming session-and to them, that might be what it is! Anything that comes to mind, they say immediately. “Taking turns” communicators will come to you with an outcome already in mind. They are prepared and likely try to understand the conversation ahead of time. 


Most people default to one of these types of communications. Sometimes, it depends on the context of your situation; work communication may be different than home communication. Perhaps it’s the context of the conversation. You might use any one of these types at any given time! If you’re conscious of these things as often as possible, you’ll generally receive a positive outcome from all your communications!