Communication is a word we often see tossed around, but what does it mean? What does it all boil down to? Understanding communication helps us to understand and better our relationships. 


Communication is a dialogue.

It’s an exchange of information. We should understand that conversation is more than just words; it is a detailed and weighted exchange of ideas. It is a thorough discourse of our emotions, beliefs, and thoughts.  A dialogue should display a deeper version of ourselves.


Communication is self-disclosure.

What does that mean? It means that we are transparent. If we come to take the time to appreciate transparency in our relationships, it can help lead to personal growth and greater intimacy. When you share this information with others who honor you in your relationships and they handle this information with accountability and love, they can help show you where to improve and appreciate the progress you’ve already made! 


Communication is hard work.

It’s time-consuming and tedious. When we seek greater understanding and transparency, and nuances in our communication, it can be overwhelming. Hard work pays for itself, however, and you’ll see your relationships blossom. 


Communication takes time.

When you invest yourself in a dialogue, enter it with acceptance and understanding. Healthy communication doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes may take longer than we thought, but investing your time in communication is an investment in your relationship. 


Communication needs to reveal your perspective.

We all see the same things in different ways. The heart of your communication should be about your perspective to keep the conversation healthy. Come from your own heart!


Communication requires courtesy.

You must allow someone’s heart to be open to you without judgment or belittling. Without courtesy, we cannot hope to gain transparency and the personal growth that blooms from it. 


Communication involves body language!

Your posture and mannerisms can speak volumes. When you’re not thinking about these things, you don’t know what meaning or message you might be conveying to the conversation. 


Communication is about timing.

When it doesn’t happen at the right time, communication can make us more confused or sidetracked. When the timing is off, we might miss the point. 


Communication must be positive.

Communication will only succeed with positivity. When you fail to enter dialogue without looking for success and love, you are setting yourself up for a negative outcome. 


Communication means many things, but it all boils down to being able to communicate healthily and maturely which inspires personal growth, love, and intimacy within our relationships. When our communication is healthy, our relationships are healthy!