In the turbulent waters of divorce, you may find yourself caught between who you are versus who you want to be. As we traverse this difficult path, it is pivotal to remember that, “The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do,” author unknown. This transformative quote unveils a powerful truth that speaks to everyone, especially women navigating the uncharted territories of divorce.

The You That Is

Divorce, even when necessary, can often come with a whirlwind of emotions – loss, confusion, anger, and at times, relief. During this period, one’s identity might waver, morphing into a version clouded by the experiences and pains of a marriage that is ending. In these trying moments, many women find themselves grappling with a question – “Who am I now?”

The You That Aspires to Be

In the labyrinth of conflicting emotions and legal tussles, there lies an opportunity — a chance to rediscover and redefine one’s self, to emerge with a stronger, more authentic self. Christian coaching beckons women to not just glimpse who they aspire to be but to reach out and grasp that vision with both hands.

The Path of Doing

As the quote suggests, the bridge between the present self and the future self is built through actions. Actions, small and large, create a path of transformation, leading us closer to the individual we yearn to become. In the context of Christian coaching, this is not just about any action but discerned, purpose-driven actions grounded in faith and a deep understanding of one’s values and principles.

A Guiding Hand

Christian coaching offers a sanctuary, a space where women can find guidance rooted in Christian values. Coaches work hand in hand with women to find the actions that honor their true selves and God’s purpose for their lives. The journey from who you are to who you want to be isn’t traversed alone but with a coach who stands as a beacon of faith, offering wisdom, understanding, and a listening ear.

Empowered Actions

Empowerment through Christian coaching guides women to take actions aligned with their beliefs and values. Each step is a thoughtful progression, an affirmation of the self that is grounded in the love and teachings of Christ. It can mean finding the courage to forgive, the strength to rebuild, or the wisdom to embrace a new beginning.

Divorce as a Rebirth

To view divorce not as an end but a rebirth requires a nurturing space where women can be encouraged to grow and flourish in God’s grace. Christian coaching provides that nurturing space, offering women the tools and support to act in ways that bridge the gap between the now and the aspiration, always with Christ at the center.


At NuWell online counseling, we recognize that divorce can be one of the most challenging life events a person can go through. But grounded in the life-affirming teachings of Christian coaching, we truly believe that it is possible to navigate this tough road with grace and emerge on the other side with a renewed sense of self.

To bridge the gap between who you are and who you want to be, remember that every small step counts. Every prayer, every coaching session, and every act of kindness towards yourself are all parts of the doing that will guide you from the person you are today to the person God has envisioned you to be.

In times of divorce, we invite you to explore the path of healing and rediscovery with Christian coaching, where you’ll find not just support, but a pathway to a life of deeper fulfillment and joy. Let’s walk this path together, with faith as our guide and action as our vehicle to transformation.