Hello and welcome! Every journey starts with a single step and by being here, you’ve already taken that initial stride towards transformation. I’m Kathy, and my mission is to guide women through the storms of life, leading them to a successful and vibrant future.

I’m thrilled to announce my partnership with NuWell Online Christian Counseling. Our shared mission? To offer support and coaching to women who find themselves engulfed by life’s storms. My own journey through the heartbreak of divorce, coupled with my unwavering faith, has solidified my commitment to helping others find their way out of darkness.

Life has shown me both its highs and lows. While I’ve faced the pain and loss of divorce, I’ve also stood tall as a successful career woman in the corporate domain. This dual perspective has allowed me to connect with many women, guiding them to recognize their challenges, envision their desired futures, and chart out the paths to achieve their dreams.

With years of experience and honed skills, I’m adept at quickly discerning what’s needed to elevate you to your dream life, whatever your heart desires.

My relationship with God fuels my zeal in everything I do. His teachings inspire me daily, igniting my passion for helping women escape their storms and step into their destined successes.

Feeling lost? Battling with understanding your true self, recognizing your strengths, or even contemplating re-entering the corporate world after a hiatus – or perhaps venturing into it for the very first time? Overwhelmed by the complexities of a changed life, or striving to rebuild your confidence? Seeking peace amid chaos? I’m here to stand with you through it all. Together, we’ll navigate your journey, aiming for that bright horizon that awaits.

Take the Leap Towards Your Success. The journey to success starts with a single action. If you’re yearning for change, for a new chapter, let’s talk. Schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation with me. It’s free, and this conversation could be the catalyst to transforming the rest of your life. Welcome aboard on this transformative voyage!