NuWell is an online platform that provides faith-based counseling services to Christians nationwide. One question we often receive is, “what’s so great about online therapy?” Online therapy has many benefits, especially for Christians seeking mental health counseling based firmly on the Word of God, like NuWell provides. Let’s take a look at five significant benefits Christians can get from online therapy. 


Online Therapy is Accessible

For many living in more rural areas, accessibility to mental health services can be challenging. After all, you can’t walk down the street and bump into a therapist’s office! Though the issue can also run deeper than that. Perhaps there are simply no faithful counselors in your area, or none of them would accept your insurance. This is a crucial benefit of online therapy. Thanks to the internet, NuWell can counsel Christians faithfully from around the country, and we accept various insurances! As long as you have an internet connection, NuWell Christian Counseling can help you get the biblical counseling you need. 


Online Therapy is Convenient

The days of driving to a strip mall or big medical office building just to see your counselor are done and gone. With online therapy through NuWell, Christians can receive online therapy wherever is most convenient for them. Whether it’s on your couch or in your car, NuWell Christian Counseling works on your schedule. Wherever you need us, we’ll be there. 


Online Therapy is Affordable

Traditional counseling is often not financially viable for many individuals. Luckily, online counseling cuts the cost of counseling. Many insurances even cover the cost of online counseling! NuWell Chrisitan Counseling also has financial aid for qualified applicants. 


Online Therapy is Anonymous

This ties back into accessibility and convenience. Nobody but you and your counselor knows you’re receiving NuWell Christian Counseling. This is a particular issue in more fundamentalist Christian communities where mental healthcare is often frowned upon. NuWell wants every Christian to feel safe and secure when they receive our biblical counseling, and our online platform allows you to access the mental health services you need with total privacy. 


Online Therapy is Comfortable

It all comes together under one term: comfort. Online therapy is all about making you as comfortable as possible. With convenience, accessibility, affordability, and privacy all wrapped up under one digital roof. NuWell Christian Counseling is here to provide you with all this and more. 


NuWell Christian Counseling provides online, faith-based counseling grounded in the Bible to Christians from many different places and denominations. Our Christian counselors are here to help you grow in yourself and in your faith, no matter where you are on that journey.