Pornography addiction is deeply rooted in the general population. It’s not surprising, then, that pornography addiction has made its way into the church. Pastors, like everyone else, can struggle with sin. How many pastors come forward about their struggles? Why do many of them not? How can pastors and faith leaders learn to acknowledge and confront their struggles with pornography and sexual sin? 

A Barna research study showed that 57% of pastors and 64% of youth pastors admit to having previously or currently struggled with pornography. Still, only about 1% said they would or have come forward about their struggle. Why is that? Pastors are often seen as pillars of their community and church. Faith leaders are often looked to as nearly impeccable examples of someone who live out the values of their faith and don’t easily fall into the temptations of the world. 

It’s hard enough for the general public to admit to their struggles, so for pastors to be hesitant about coming forward when they already have such heavy weights on their shoulders makes sense. The Barna study also showed that 40% say pastors should be fired or resigned if they admit to falling into such sexual sin. With so much pressure, many pastors choose to suffer in silence. 

Confronting any addiction or spiritual struggle is challenging. Our brains are wired to think that we can solve any problematic behavior on our own. Some of us can, but many can’t. When it comes to combining our mental struggles with our spiritual battles can make it easier said than done when it comes to acknowledging and confronting sexual sin and sexual addictions. Sometimes, it may even take years. 

The first thing for a pastor or faith leader struggling with sexual sin is acknowledging that we are imperfect beings created by a perfect God. Sinning might be in our nature, but it does not define us. The Bible tells us that with God, anything is possible. NuWell Christian Counseling can help pastors and faith leaders struggling with pornography addiction understand their sin and help them overcome addiction in a faith-based way that reflects the teachings found in The Bible. 

Take a look inside yourself and spend time with God to discover your sexual sins. How often do you access pornography or sexually charged materials? Have you ever been deceitful when it comes to pornography? What are you looking at and why? Answering these questions can help you and your counselor better understand the situation and allow you to work together to develop a plan to conquer sex addiction. 

As a pastor, you do not have to struggle with pornography and sexual addiction alone. NuWell Christian Counseling can provide online, confidential, and faith-based counseling that is faithful and true to help you overcome and grow as a person and in your relationship with God.