Marriage is one of the greatest gifts God has ever bestowed upon humanity; marriage is also one of the hardest challenges Christians will ever face. We can never anticipate every obstacle our marriage will face, but having a few helpful tips can help any fresh Christian marriage blossom and allow couples to grow in their love for each other and their love for Christ.


The Honeymoon Phase Won’t Last

When you’re newly married, you and your spouse are often so engrossed in each other’s love that the world around you simply fades into the background. You two are the only things that matter in the universe; until you’re not. Marriage needs to be grounded in something more than feelings, or else it will collapse like a house in the storm. Turn to the Gospel and the Word of God and discover the foundations of what else a Christian marriage should be built upon.


Your Spouse Will Not Complete You

A common notion in modern relationships is that your spouse needs to be the completion of your being. They long for validation and affection and believe that their spouse will be an unlimited source of their desires. As Christians, we realize this isn’t the case. Our spouses can fulfill many needs for us, but they can never complete us. Only Jesus can allow Christians to achieve completion in themselves and their marriage.


Communication is Important

This is much easier said than done. Just about every conflict that arises in a Christian marriage is due to a lack of communication. At the same time, many of our most intimate and meaningful moments come from an abundance of communication. Your spouse doesn’t know everything you’re thinking or feeling, and it’s unfair to expect them to. However, don’t be afraid to ask how your spouse is feeling at the moment. Be honest and open in your discussions.


Don’t Compare Yourself to Your Spouse

In times of discontent in a Christian marriage, it can be tempting to compare your strengths to your spouse’s weaknesses. You’ll have nothing to show for it but a fractured marriage and a broken trust. Aim for objective discussion about the marriage situation. Pray together, and ask God for guidance and understanding in your marriage.


Have Lots of Laughs

Marriage isn’t just for holiness; it’s for happiness too! God brought you and your spouse together so that you both can enjoy life together! The key to a happy Christian marriage is to hold onto both happiness and holiness without giving up one for the other. Tell jokes, be silly, go on dates, and celebrate the gift of marriage that God has blessed you with.


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