Addiction can seemingly come out of nowhere in the life of a Christian. Often, it stems from a state of crisis. We may turn to alcohol or drugs, or pornography to distract ourselves and numb the pain we feel. What is it about the pain that makes Christians such an easy target for addiction, and how can we address it?


People go to great lengths to avoid feelings of sorrow and times of tribulation; the distractions of the world are many and readily available. Sex, drugs, and alcohol are a few results of a fallen world. One thing to keep in mind is that Christians are humans too. Despite being saved by grace, Christians can still succumb to the horrors of our fallen world and to sin. Every day is a new struggle, and the Enemy doesn’t pull his punches. 


On top of that, many Christian leaders feel unequipped and unprepared to deal with the realities of addiction in their congregations. They often perpetuate an idea of Christianity (not always on purpose) that might seem unobtainable to an addicted Christian. Pastors and leaders often struggle silently with their own addictions and pain, making it that much harder to counsel struggling addicts within their congregations. So, what’s the solution? The answer lies in vulnerability and compassion. 


Pastors and church leaders who offer open confessions for themselves and their congregation can foster a space of openness and safety by reflecting the compassion of Christ. Christian congregations who approach addiction with compassion and humility can be prepared and equipped to walk in the grace of God. Addiction can be overcome through unity, understanding, and love in the congregation. 


Every Christian struggles with addiction in their own way. For many, however, relighting the spark in their spiritual life has been the first step in combating addiction. When we are overcome with a crisis, it’s easy to turn to the world’s pleasures while turning away from God. We might feel shame, guilt, and regret that may keep us from coming to Him. However, we must remember that Jesus died on the cross for all our guilt, shame, and regret. We aren’t alone in our battle against addiction, as Jesus fought the battle against sin as well! 


Addiction can be a lifelong battle. NuWell Christian Counseling can help you take the steps towards engaging with Christ in your struggle against addiction. From sexual to drugs and everything in between, NuWell has a compassionate Christian counselor that will be personally invested in your story and help you find yourself and the grace of God again.