Keeping the Christ in Christmas seems to get harder as we get older. As we get older, we become more selfish and busy; keeping our faith becomes a very real challenge as the weight of the world and the stressors of life threaten to pull us further from God. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in Christian teens. During these formative years, it seems our selfishness and negative traits are amplified the most. That is why it is so important to remind our Christian teens what this holiday season is all about. So, what are some ways we can do this?


Have a Mission Event

Teens will look for any excuse to party! You can play on this by hosting a small mission event where your teen and some friends can come together and, with your help, decide on a cause to support. There are plenty of international ministries that provide gifts around the world to those in need. With some good food and some motivation, your Christian teen and their friends can be reminded that the spirit of Christmas is about helping others instead of yourself!


Visit a Nursing Home

While this is well out of the comfort zone for many Christian teens, it can be an activity to share the warm love of Christ with some of those who need it most. Being able to spend time with seniors who may not get much of that from their loved ones can reinforce the love that comes with the Christmas season. It’s also a great opportunity for your Christian teen can learn from the life experiences of the seniors that they spend time with. Many churches pursue an initiative like this, and your teen might feel more comfortable and willing to step out of their comfort zone when they’re in the company of fellow Christians pursuing a common goal of ministry.


Serve at a Food Bank/Soup Kitchen

Your Christian teen can embrace Christmas the best by directly serving those in need. Many local organizations need help in stocking or staffing their pantries. Local thrift stores sometimes utilize a “personal shopper” where your teen can help someone in need pick out the most beneficial items they might need. Coming face-to-face with hardship can help your Christian teen learn introspective and show them to mind their own privilege and the blessings that God has provided for them over the Christmas season and the year as a whole.


Embrace the Reason for the Season

Christmas is the time of year for remembrance, thanksgiving, and helping those in need. Activities like these can help Christian parents show their teenagers what the Christmas season is all about, and give an opportunity to praise God together for the blessings He bestows upon your family throughout the year. Keeping Christ in Christmas is something we should strive for, but Christians should also strive for keeping Christ beyond Christmas. God calls us to walk with him in our daily lives, not just for one part of the year.


If you’re struggling in your spiritual health during the holidays or throughout the year, reach out to us here at NuWell. Our Christian counselors can help you grow in yourself and your faith by providing counseling that is faithful and true! Merry Christmas, from all of us at NuWell!