It’s that time of year again! A new school year means new challenges for kids and parents alike, particularly for Christian kids and parents! It can be worrying that the faith in God we’ve tried to cultivate in our kids might be shaken from going to school in a fallen world. Christian parents can rest easy; however, when we remember that in Ephesians 2:10, God’s comforting words tell us he already has great plans for our little ones prepared. How can Christian parents put their minds at ease?


Stop trying to jump at every good opportunity for your child. Even with the massive outpouring of love for our children, we can’t make good things happen for them or to them all the time. Our control over them was never absolute, nor should it be. Christian parents must be reminded that while it’s great that our lives offer so much opportunity, it’s also dangerous. Christian families will become quickly overwhelmed if we attempt to control all the pieces on the board. When we slow down and stop trying to thrust our families into every seemingly good opportunity, we can start to listen to God and walk in the plan He has for our families. 


Don’t elevate your children; teach them to look low. It’s a trap we all fall into. Our pride in our families causes many Christians to seemingly elevate their children above everyone else. This elevation is prideful and sinful and should be carefully minded. Christian parents should teach their children to look at others as Jesus did. Christian parents should instruct their children in humility and love, not elevation. Christian children should be seeking out those that are lonely, isolated, and down and out, just as Christ did. Let’s remind ourselves, as Christian parents, to do the same. 


Show your children their strengths and weaknesses. Society has led us to believe that discussing what makes us feel weak or small is something to be feared. Telling your child about their weaknesses might sound troubling, but it’s a good thing. With love, Christian parents can show their children where they’re weak. When Christian parents act with humility, our children will also see where we are weak. In this way, Christian families can work as a team to discover our weakest links and build each other up in our God-given strengths to become stronger in ourselves and our faith in Christ. 


If your child is in God, God is in them. The strength, compassion, patience, and love of God are within all of us. When Christ saves us, He shines through us. God is alive within them, and this spark of faith gives our children what they need to make it through the day. It’s easy for kids to be overwhelmed during school, but Christian parents must remind themselves and their children that all things are possible through Christ. Take time with your children to walk with the Lord after a long day of school, and remind them of their inner strength with God on their side. 


Express your own faith. Children learn by watching and listening. It’s why they come home from school knowing new curse words and mimic behaviors not found in the home. They’re exploring themselves and the world around them! This same reasoning can be definitively applied when it comes to your own faith. Live how you want your children to live. Christian parents should try their best to lead by a loving, patient, and kind example. How do you act in times of success or in times of failure?  How you react to the world around you will also shape how your children react to their own world. 


The new school year can be hectic for Christian parents and kids alike. NuWell Christian Counseling offers a safe space for Christian kids and parents to tackle the challenges that the school year brings to faith and family. Let our Christian counselors help your family navigate the new school year.