Jesus Christ as the Model for a Christian Husband

In Christian marriages, Jesus Christ serves as the ultimate model for husbands to emulate. His teachings and example provide invaluable guidance on how husbands should love, lead, and prioritize their wives. Let’s explore the concept of Jesus Christ as the model for a Christian husband and delve into key aspects of being a husband according to biblical principles.

Understanding the Concept of Submission in Christian Marriages

The biblical concept of submission applies to both husbands and wives. You read that right!  In the context of marriage, submission is not about one spouse exerting dominance over the other.  That is what the world might have us to believe.  Instead, it is rooted in mutual respect, partnership, and love.  Wives are called to submit to their own husbands, recognizing the husband’s role as the head of the household. Ephesians, chapter 5, verse 22 tells us so.  However, submission does not imply inferiority.  It actually promotes a harmonious relationship where both spouses work together for the wellbeing of the marriage.  You’ll find that presented plainly in verse 21 of the same passage of scripture.

A husband can lead by seeking his wife’s input and valuing her opinions. This fosters an environment of mutual respect and collaboration. Decisions are made together, with the husband taking ultimate responsibility for the final outcome. By embracing this mutual submission, husbands and wives can strengthen their bond and create a loving and supportive partnership.

Key Teachings in Ephesians 5 for Christian Husbands

Ephesians contains key teachings for Christian husbands. Husbands are instructed to love their wives sacrificially and unconditionally as Christ did for His Church – nurturing, protecting, and providing spiritual leadership for them as part of that love.

Husbands who understand and apply these teachings can create an atmosphere of love, trust, and growth within their marriage. Husbands should prioritize their wives’ wellbeing, emotional support, and spiritual growth by actively seeking opportunities to encourage their wives in their faith. Through praying together and engaging in spiritual discussions they can foster deep and meaningful connections rooted in shared commitment to religion that ultimately build lasting marriages.

The Role of Sacrifice in a Christian Husband’s Relationship

Husbands are called upon to show their wives sacrificial love in line with Jesus Christ’s example, beyond mere emotions or feelings. Sacrifice involves making conscious choices to put her well-being and happiness ahead of your own; making compromises, supporting her dreams and aspirations and consistently being there in times of joy or sorrow.  Embodying this form of devotion creates an environment of trust, security and unconditional affection between husband and wife.

Sacrificial love also entails modeling Jesus’ unconditional love and forgiveness. Just as Jesus loved and forgave unconditionally, husbands are called to extend the same grace and forgiveness to their wives, even in challenging times. Especially in challenging times!  Sacrificial love requires putting aside selfish desires and seeking the best for one’s spouse, just as Jesus did for the Church.  The Greek word “agape” describes this selfless love.  It goes beyond mere emotions or feelings and requires a conscious decision to prioritize the well-being and happiness of one’s wife.

Unconditional Love and Forgiveness in a Christian Marriage

Unconditional love is the cornerstone of Christian marriage and is best exemplified through forgiveness. Husbands should lead by example in showing grace and forbearance towards their wives, just as Jesus did with humanity as a whole. Unconditional love means setting aside expectations and rights in favor of selfless affection that seeks the best outcomes for one’s spouse.

Husbands who regularly choose love and forgiveness as part of their marriage can foster an environment of acceptance, trust, and growth for both partners. They can do so by showing grace and understanding in times of disagreement or conflict while upholding unity and harmony. This requires being willing to let go of past hurts while communicating openly and honestly about any issues in their relationship, as well as accepting forgiveness as part of that equation. By consistently choosing love by way of forgiveness they create an atmosphere in which their wives can flourish.


Biblical Headship and its Impact on Christian Marriages

Biblical headship refers to the role and responsibility of husbands as leaders and protectors of marital relationships. Husbands should prioritize loving their wives just as Christ loved the Church; yet this form of headship must be exercised with care and servant leadership rather than domineering authoritarianism.

Husbands play an essential role in providing direction, protection, and spiritual guidance within their household. However, this leadership doesn’t involve asserting control but rather serving and nurturing the marriage. Husbands should show humility, kindness and selflessness when engaging with their wives to foster an environment in which both feel valued, respected, and supported.

At wedding ceremonies, fathers often symbolically hand the bride over to her future husband as a symbol of the passage of stewardship from father to husband – signaling to the couple the importance of caring and nurturing similar to what a caring father provides for them.

Christ had all power at His disposal; yet no one has shown themselves meeker and humbler than Him when He gave His life over to those without the ability to take it without His consent. God expects men who are supposedly stronger to similarly put down our so-called power when appropriate for the benefit of their wives when necessary.  Just like Christ laid down His life for our sins even though He himself was without sin, husbands would do well to take on more responsibility when it comes to maintaining healthy homes and marriages.

Prioritizing and Loving Wives Effectively

Christian husbands can employ practical strategies to show they prioritize and love their wives.  The goal is to make her feel appreciated and valued.  This means giving quality time, acts of service, effective communication channels and emotional and spiritual support which contributes to creating healthy Christian marriages.

As an example, husbands can show their wives they care by listening actively, engaging in meaningful dialogue, and setting aside quality time just for her. Acts of service such as helping with household chores or taking over duties may relieve her burdens while showing love in tangible ways. By frequently showing appreciation and providing emotional support while nurturing spiritual wellbeing of their wives, husbands show they cherish them unconditionally.


Adopting Jesus as the model for Christian husbands leads to fulfilling and Christ-focused marriages. By following His teachings and example, husbands can love their wives selflessly while prioritizing their wellbeing as part of building unity within marriage relationships. By striving to imitate Him they can build long term partnerships based on love, respect, and devotion that reflect God’s design for love in marriage relationships.

If you are having trouble emulating Christ in your marriage, then please consider contacting us and connecting with one of our online Christian counseling service providers.  They include ordained clergy and credentialed men and women with a heart for God and for Christian marriages.  We would love to help you on your journey to loving your wife as Christ loved the church.

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