Because the Kingdom of Heaven is upon us. Whether we get with it or choose not to, it’s coming and nothing will stop it. So he’s presenting us with opposing views. Working for him, or man.
Are we good with Heavenly rewards or is that Tesla and that lifestyle status still an object of our desire? He has a desire to know what we’re moving toward. Specifically, which Kingdom is more attractive.
To walk by faith is to no longer walk according to the flesh but to walk after the spirit. You start moving differently. You stop looking for things to happen in the physical without your faith first moving things in the spiritual realm. You stop doing the most and learn how and when to simply our pin. You grow accustomed to sending God your location and then focusing on communication with him. We stop overriding his GPS (Godly Positioning System) when it starts rerouting us.
This level of trust and blind faith is where God is bringing us to in this season Beloved. Not simply believing God has a plan for your life but trusting that he has the better plan so I’m no longer manipulating circumstances. Believing and trusting are two different things. Are we there yet?
Where we come to the understanding, as Men especially, that my life looks nothing like I planned so that means I’m on the right track, not the wrong one. As men, we go around trying to fix things. When Jesus started preaching the people said isn’t this Joseph, the carpenter’s son.
Trust the rebuilding of your life and the relationship with your children after that divorce or breakup with the son of a carpenter. This is the kind of faith that is pleasing to God. We’re almost there.