Times have changed, and church attendance in our nation has fallen to record-low numbers. Even practicing Christians admit to rarely taking part in their church community. As Christians, it’s important to understand why we need the church. There are several reasons why the church is great for the mental and spiritual health of Christians everywhere.


God’s Mission is the Church

The Bible clearly states that God’s will on Earth is produced through the church. In Matthew 16:18, it is said that God will build His church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. The importance of the church is twofold: it is important to God and important to our spiritual health. Remember, the Bible refers to the Church as the body of Christ. When we are within that body, the Enemy’s powers have no sway over us. Christians should therefore understand that church is not simply a place we are commanded to go, but the church is the shield that God has provided for us against the powers of Satan. In order for us to understand our faith and share it with others, Christians must attend their church to fully comprehend the love and the mission that God has set out for us.


God Commands Us to Attend Church

When we read passages such as Hebrews 10:25, the message from God surrounding the church is very clear. “…not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some….” God commands his followers to attend church because He knows it will benefit us. Humans are social creatures by nature, and when we are in the company of others, particularly other believers, we are our best selves. God commands us to attend the church because we will learn to understand Him better as well as ourselves.


The Church Helps Spiritual Growth

It can’t be emphasized enough how beneficial the church is to the spiritual health of Christians. Throughout the Bible, it is instructed that believers attend their mass so that they can understand their spiritual health better. 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus are all about how to minister to others in a healthy way! The more time we spend in God’s Word with other believers and teachers, the more fulfilled and spiritual we will become.


Church Can Help You Use Your Spiritual Gifts

The Bible is very clear that every believer holds a spiritual gift or two within them. At your church, this is the place to allow those to shine. Perhaps your spiritual gift is being charismatic; you might be suited for a church leadership role. Maybe you’re great with kids; you could consider volunteering for Sunday School. The church was never intended to be a place to just show up to and leave; the church was meant for believers to network and come together with their spiritual gifts to further God’s love and mission.


The Church is Where People are Saved

God commands us to make disciples of others and share the love of Christ with all. The church is where Christians can invite their friends or colleagues, or even strangers, to come and experience the saving grace that is Jesus. It is the culmination of the mission of God and the spiritual gifts of believers to invite others to experience the eternal love and life that God has gifted to us.


The church is the place where we learn to grow in ourselves and our faith, and it’s an important factor in many Christian’s lives. Sadly, the church can fall into abusive and harmful behaviors or be a confusing place. That’s why NuWell Chrisitan Counseling helps Christians nationwide rediscover their faith in the church and their spiritual gifts to help Christians live their best life by offering counseling that is faithful and true.